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J. Optional Facilities

Table of Contents


Optional Facilities

Optional facilities are facilities required by a Customer that are different from standard distribution
facilities which NB Power would normally provide. 

Examples of optional facilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Underground facilities, covered in Section I - Extension of Facilities - Optional Underground;
  • back lot service; 
  • Residential Service Customers requesting three-phase service; 
  • choice of a route different from that selected by NB Power. 
  • a facilities use requested by, and allocated to, the sole use of a customer, which would not normally be allocated for such use.

Optional Facilities Charge

The optional facilities charge recovers the difference in construction costs between what NB Power normally supplies and what the Customer requests and is provided. All charges related to optional facilities are non-refundable.

The optional facilities charge equals the total cost of the facilities less the NB Power investment for the equivalent standard overhead facilities. The NB Power investment is equal to the total estimated cost of the equivalent standard overhead facilities less any customer contribution towards those facilities.

If a Customer requests the use of materials not normally stocked by NB Power, the charges for purchase, installation and maintenance must be borne by the Customer; the Customer must also retain ownership.

As an exception to this, NB Power will contribute towards the cost of a dry type transformer an amount equal to the charge for an oil-filled transformer that would normally have been supplied.

Maintenance Charge for Optional Facilities

A maintenance charge is a non-refundable contribution determined by NB Power to recover above normal operating, maintenance and replacement costs resulting from a Customer's request for optional facilities. These charges are specified in Section O - Fees and Charges, Optional Facilities Charges.

Distribution facilities are normally designed and built to occupy rights-of-way that are accessible by on-road vehicles. If a Customer requests facilities to be placed in any location that is not accessible from a public road by on-road vehicles, the Customer pays a prepaid non-refundable maintenance charge based on the total estimated construction charges of the section.

Nonstandard Delivery Point

NB Power specifies the location of the Applicant's Delivery Point. If an Applicant requests NB Power to locate the Delivery Point at a location other than the one specified, and this results in additional expense for NB Power, the Applicant is charged for such nonstandard facilities. See Section O - Fees and Charges, Optional Facilities Charges.

Customer Contribution for Temporary Facilities

A Temporary Facilities charge is a contribution to recover costs of providing Temporary Facilities. This charge is to compensate NB Power for the estimated construction cost of installation, charges for materials that cannot be salvaged and reused, and subsequent dismantling of these facilities. This charge is non refundable unless these facilities become permanent.

Examples of Customers that often require Temporary Facilities are asphalt plants, construction sites, portable sawmills and short term connections for festivals, bazaars, sporting events, etc.

Customer Contribution for Facilities to Non- Fixed Premises

Non-fixed premises are usually found in recreational areas. Examples of Non-fixed Premises are travel trailers and motorized homes.

NB Power will provide overhead service up to 27 meters from the nearest operational NB Power Facility that forms part of the Distribution System.

All charges for the overhead extension beyond the 27 meter point will be paid by the Customer in accordance with Section H - Extension of Facilities - Overhead, except the standard facility allowance will be reduced to 27 meters.

Pole Mounted Metering

Pole mounted metering is permitted by NB Power for maypoles (refer to Section K - Connection of Customer
Facilities) and non-fixed premises when the following conditions are met:

  • If NB power supplies the pole, NB Power will set it and charge the Customer. This pole is a NB Power Facility. See Section O - Fees and Charges, Optional Facilities Charges.
  • The Customer will install service entrance equipment as specified in the Utility Service Entrance Standards issued jointly by the electric utilities of New Brunswick. The customer is responsible for the maintenance and transfer costs of the pole mounted service entrance equipment. 
  • NB Power will make the connection(s) and install the meter. Metering Equipment or conduit will not
    be installed on a pole with primary facilities attached, except when primary metering is being used. 
  • The Customer pays the Nonstandard Service Entrance - Location charge. See Section O - Fees
    and Charges, Optional Facilities Charges. 

If a Customer requests an Underground Service Loop, the Customer must meet all the requirements of Section I - Extension of Facilities - Optional Underground.

Removal of Optional Facilities

If a Customer requests that existing operational facilities be removed, the Customer pays a non refundable  contribution to cover dismantling costs and the sacrificed life value of the assets removed.

Payment of Customer Contribution

Applicants are expected to pay the full amount of the contribution in advance. Acceptable forms of payment include certified cheque, bank draft or cash. The exception is municipal, provincial or federal government departments which provide letters of intent.