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D. Provision of Service

Table of Contents


Initiation of Service

An Account is set up in the name of the Applicant (s) when service is required. The Applicant(s) must be the owner(s) or occupant(s) of the Premise for which service is required. The Applicants are required to provide proof of their identity.

NB Power will, as promptly as practicable, provide service in accordance with these policies. Electric service will be provided if the installation satisfies the requirements of these policies, the Utility Service Entrance Standards and all legal requirements inclusive of the requirements issued by New Brunswick Safety Code Services.

An Account may be transferred to another Applicant at no charge if the Applicant accepts responsibility for any billed or unbilled services for that Account. In all other cases, a meter reading is required and the Applicant is charged for the transfer of service. Fees charged for connections and reconnections are detailed in Section O - Fees and Charges, Service Call Fees and Connection and Reconnection Charges.

Refusal of Service

Notwithstanding the foregoing, NB Power reserves the right to refuse to provide or continue to provide service if any of the following occur:

  • such service would unduly interfere or does interfere with NB Power's electrical service to other Customers or
    NB Power's own equipment;
  • there are safety considerations at the Premises to be served or being served;
  • threats of violence against NB Power staff or its contractors;
  • police authorities have advised NB Power to avoid the premise;
  • service would contravene law, including orders or regulations of lawfully constituted public agencies;
  • the Applicant/Customer owes NB Power for service furnished at the same or another address;
  • the Applicant/Customer refuses to pay any required security deposit;
  • the Applicant/Customer fails to provide acceptable access to the service entrance equipment.

Obligations of Customer

If NB Power Facilities or Rental Facilities on the Customer's Premises are damaged by other than ordinary wear and tear, the Customer will pay NB Power the charges associated with repairing or replacing these facilities. However, if facilities are damaged or destroyed for reasons beyond the Customer's control, NB Power will not charge the Customer.

The Customer must maintain safe access to the metering equipment installed on the Customer's premises.


All Applicants or Customers requesting Industrial Service with an expected load of 750 kW or more are required to sign a contract. The contract must include the name, signature and title of the Applicant's signing officer and the corporate seal if applicable.

Accessibility to NB Power Owned Equipment

NB Power shall have the right to enter the premises of the Customer at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspecting, meter reading, maintenance or replacement of NB Power facilities or rental equipment and the application of NB Power's rates schedules and policies.

The Customer's refusal to grant to NB Power personnel access to NB Power Facilities and Rental Equipment may result in disconnection of service.

When suitable arrangements cannot be made for the Customer's meter to be periodically read at the normal reading time, NB Power may require modifications to the metering facilities. The cost of such modifications shall be borne by the Customer.

Only authorized employees and agents of NB Power shall be allowed to make any repairs or adjustments to any meter or other NB Power facilities. The Customer shall be held responsible for tampering or interfering with NB Power's meter(s) or other equipment installed on the Customer's premises.