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A. Introduction


Purpose of this Manual

The purpose of this manual is to define the scope and application of policies and electricity rates for the New Brunswick Power Corporation (hereafter called NB Power) service areas in the Province of New Brunswick.

In accordance with the Electricity Act, NB Power is required to file with the Energy and Utilities Board schedules showing all charges, rates and tolls NB Power has established for any service to be performed within the Province of New Brunswick. Until the charges, rates and tolls are modified, altered or reduced, as provided under the Electricity Act, they will remain in effect as filed.

NB Power has historically printed some matters of administration and policy with its schedule of charges, rates and tolls, and some of these administrative and policy matters are included in this manual. NB Power reserves the right to change items in this manual which do not alter any of the charges, rates and tolls subject to the Electricity Act.



This manual is intended for the following audiences:

  • Customers of NB Power
  • NB Power Employees
  • Energy and Utilities Board of New Brunswick.