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What Was Said


Between early 2019 and July 2019 NB Power engaged with over 150,000 customers to gather input on our proposed smart meter deployment. The overarching goal was to gain understanding of customers’ knowledge and awareness about smart meters, as well as their understanding of the benefits and concerns with smart meters. Below is a copy of our What Was Said report (produced by NATIONAL – a public relations and research company) summarizing the findings from this report which will inform our continued engagement activities.

Key Themes from the report:

  • Most New Brunswickers have a neutral to positive view of the proposed smart meter deployment, and many are eager for more information. For some residents, the survey was their first exposure to smart meters, prompting them to take advantage of the opportunity to raise questions and ask for more information that would help them make an informed decision in the future.
  • Cost was a source of concern, and means different things to different people. For some, cost referred to time of day rate changes, the ability to understand energy use, and lower rates. For others, it raised questions about their energy cost and whether costs will increase with smart meter deployment.
  • Across all input data, questions about technology arose consistently—mostly in the context of cybersecurity and privacy of personal information, and how NB Power will be using their data.
  • New Brunswickers care deeply about the environment. Many respondents had questions on renewable energy sources, solar energy, and expressed the desire to become a greener province.
  • Some residents worry about the health effects of radio frequency transmissions.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to share their thoughts with us.


What Was Said - Final Report

What Was Said - Final Report