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Milltown Decommissioning


Project Background

The Milltown Generating Station has been producing energy on the St. Croix River for over a century. Currently only four of the seven units are operational with the facility generating less than 3MW. This represents 0.8 per cent of NB Power’s hydro generation and 0.07 per cent of NB Power’s total generation capacity

NB Power investigated the possibility of extending Milltown’s life as well as improving the fish passage. After an engineering and cost evaluation process, it was determined that extending the life of the generating station was not financially feasible and the Milltown Generating Station should be decommissioned.

Before NB Power can proceed with decommissioning, the project will go through an Environmental Impact Assessment with the provincial Department of Environment and Local Government. More information on this is noted below.

In addition, because the Station sits on international waters, NB Power will be registering the project with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to obtain the required United States permits.


Benefits of the Proposed Decommissioning

  • Decommissioning the Milltown Generating Station and removing the dam will allow for the restoration of approximately 16 kilometers of the St. Croix River. This will make about five million square metres of spawning habitat available to the various sea-run (diadromous) fish species.
  • Decommissioning the Milltown Generating Station and removing the dam will open the area on the St. Croix River for potential recreational and traditional uses.
  • The generating station accounts for 0.8 per cent of NB Power’s hydro generation, so there will not be a major impact on the overall New Brunswick power grid resulting from the decommissioning.


Proposed Project Schedule


Engagement with First Nations and Stakeholders Summer 2019 and ongoing through the project
Community Liaison Committee meetings Spring 2020 and ongoing through the project
New Brunswick Environmental Impact Assessment Submission (available for public review) and permit Fall/Winter 2020 and through 2021
United States federal, state and local permitting process and consultation Winter 2021 and through 2022
Decommissioning Activities Commence Spring 2022


Environmental Impact Assessment

The Environmental Impact Assessment registration document can be examined at the following locations:

St. Stephen Town Hall, 22 Budd Street, St. Stephen, NB
St. Croix Public Library, 11 King Street, St. Stephen, NB

It is also available on the Department of Environment and Local Government’s website.

Comments should be submitted on or before February 25, 2021 directly to NB Power via regular mail to 515 King Street, PO Box 2000, STN A, Fredericton, NB E3B 4X1; via email to the


Virtual Open House




The following is a summary of the questions received during the Milltown Generating Station Decommissioning Project virtual open house held on January 26, 2021 and corresponding responses.

Question and Answer Document


More questions?

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