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Building and Renovations


Getting Started

Get us involved early in your building or renovation project. You can download and print this handy pamphlet to help guide you through the steps required to connect power.

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Contact Us

Simply give us a call at 1 800 663-6272.

To get started, ensure you have the following:

  • your contact information, including an email address, so we can send you status updates
  • contact details for your certified electrical contractor if you want us to be able to speak with them
  • two pieces of government-issued ID (one must include date of birth)
  • exact location of your property or nearest civic number, lot number or 911 address
  • you must be of legal age to enter a legal contract with NB Power (legal age in New Brunswick is 19)
  • have a basic understanding of the work being performed by your electrical contractor
    Click the + to see examples of questions to consider

We will provide you with an NB Power work order number to give to your electrical contractor.

Wiring permit application

Your electrical contractor will require a Wiring Permit Application. The permit is issued by Technical Inspection Services through the Department of Public Safety (non-NB Power fees will apply). You will be responsible for covering these charges through your contractor. They will outline the permit costs for your specific project.

Site consultation

Once your Wiring Permit Application has been received, NB Power will contact you within five business days to discuss the work that needs to be performed and arrange a site visit, if required.

Customer contribution

Depending on your project, NB Power may require a customer contribution payment to proceed with the work order. We will send you the details of the contribution.

This payment may include costs for additional poles and other materials.

Once your contribution payment is received, we’ll initiate the next step required to establish a connection.

Your to do list

You may have some actions to do before the work can proceed, including

  • applying for a building permit
  • tree trimming on trees that are not located near energized powerlines (we’ll take care of these ones to keep everyone safe)
  • paying a contribution
  • completing the foundation of your building
  • having your prefab building on site
  • ensuring easement access
  • requesting underground locates for fuels, water, municipal connections, telecommunications, etc.) if required. Please note that we only check for NB Power owned underground power lines. You are responsible for having your work site checked for all other potential hazards.

For more information, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Our to do list

NB Power may also have a list of actions to carry out for your request, including

  • adding poles or powerlines
  • underground locates for electrical wires
  • tree trimming if needed near energized lines (all other tree trimming is the customer’s responsibility)

Final requirements

  • For new construction, your electrical contractor is responsible to contact Technical Inspections Services (New Brunswick Department of Public Safety) to coordinate a final inspection
  • For renovations, your electrical contractor needs to contact NB Power to schedule an appointment to safely disconnect and reconnect the meter

Connecting your power

Once all requirements have been met, we’ll connect your power.

We’ll provide the connection date by email if you’re signed up for updates, or you can call us to confirm your connection date.

Once you’re connected

Did you know we offer tools to make managing your account easy and convenient?

You can create your online profile or by calling us at 1 800 663-6272. With an online account, you can view and print current and previous bills, make payments, set up an Equalized Payment Plan or Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, and so much more.

If you are a residential customer creating an online account, you will be enrolled in paperless billing and receive a monthly notification email when your bill is ready. Learn more about all of our billing and payment options.