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Terms and Conditions

Water Heater Terms and Conditions

NB Power agrees to provide water heater service, which shall include the maintenance of a complete water heater unit, comprising a storage tank, heating elements, thermostats, temperature limit control, thermal insulation, and such other equipment as NB Power may deem advisable.

The customer agrees, in consideration for the water heating service and subject to the said conditions hereof:

  1. To take and to pay for the use, a fee for the water heater service in accordance with the prevailing rate, and
  2. To commence payment at the next regular billing date after the date of delivery of the equipment.

For full terms and conditions for water heaters, click here.


Shut-off Valve Terms and Conditions

Since 1970, the Canadian plumbing code requires the installation of a shut-off valve on the water heater’s cold water line. Sometimes when asked to service water heaters, we are not able to complete work because there is no operational cold water shut-off to isolate water flow to the water heater. NB Power is offering the installation of a shut-off valve at a cost of $150 plus tax to the customer.

For full terms and conditions for the shut-off valve service, click here.