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Our Policy

NB Power is committed to Sustainable Development by providing Stewardship and Leadership in the areas of environment and the community while meeting its mandate for the provision of economic and reliable energy to the people of New Brunswick.


The following principles will guide NB Power’s actions and decision-making.

  • NB Power meets or, where it makes business sense, exceeds all applicable legislation, regulations and non-regulatory commitments.
  • NB Power will conduct systematic audits to assess compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards and internal procedures and to inform management about environmental risks and opportunities.
  • NB Power will establish a framework of objectives and targets to assist its employees in meeting the utility’s commitment to pollution prevention, sustainable development, and continual improvement of its Environmental Management Systems to enhance environmental performance.
  • NB Power will promote the efficient use of electricity.
  • NB Power will provide information to its employees, contractors and the public concerning its performance.
  • NB Power strives to ensure its Sustainable Development Policy is respected by all its partners, contractors and suppliers.


Effective Date: 2020/04/01


Our Environment
Our Policy