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K. Connection of Customer Facilities

Table of Contents


Standard Service Voltages

NB Power's electric service is provided in the form of alternating current at a frequency of 60 Hertz (cycles
per second).

The nominal service voltages are:

Standard single-phase service:
Secondary voltage:

  • 120 volts
  • 120/240 volts


Standard three-phase service and combination single-phase and three-phase service:
Secondary voltage:

  • 120/208 volts, wye connected
  • 347/600 volts, wye connected


Primary voltage, as available:

  • 7,200/12,470 volts, wye connected
  • 69,000 volts, phase to phase - available for Industrial Service at some locations
  • 138,000 volts, phase to phase - available for Industrial Service at some locations


Service at any nominal voltage other than those specified above is considered to be nonstandard. Customers desiring service at nonstandard voltages provide all the necessary facilities to convert a standard service voltage to the desired utilization voltage.

Where two or more NB Power lines are available to serve the Customer's load requirements, NB Power
will determine from which line service will be provided to the Customer.

Delivery Point

NB Power makes all connections to the Delivery Point and specifies the Delivery Point as being one of the

  • the point of connection of the Customer's service entrance mast conductors to NB Power's Overhead
    Service Loop at the weatherhead; 
  • the point of connection of the Customer's Underground Service Loop to NB Power's secondary voltage system; 
  • the secondary bushings of NB Power's transformer;
  • the primary bushings of the Customer's transformer; 
  • the primary side of the Customer's main disconnect switch located in the Customer's electrical vault (existing Customers only, not available to new Customers);
  • the load side of NB Power's fuse disconnect; 
  • the source side of the Customer's disconnect switches; 
  • the source side of the Customer's switchgear located at the Customer's Premises; 
  • the load side of the primary metering unit; 
  • any other point specified by NB Power.


Service Entrance Standards

Service entrance standards are specified in the Utility Service Entrance Standards issued jointly by the electric utilities of New Brunswick.

Metering Equipment

Metering Equipment is part of NB Power's Facilities supplied to Customers.

Metering Equipment, except as noted below, is installed on the low voltage side of the transformer. General Service and small industrial Customers with three-phase service are primary metered under any of the following circumstances: 

  • Service entrance size exceeds 2000 amps.
  • The Customer requests that the transformer be placed indoors.
  • The Customer requires a voltage that is not an NB Power standard service voltage.


Large industrial Customers are normally metered at a primary voltage of 69 kV or above; if they are metered at a voltage below 69 kV, readings are adjusted for the associated transformation losses.

Service to Multiple Buildings

Normally, NB Power installs a meter for each individual building of a Premises except as follows:

A group of adjacent buildings located on the same property served by one electric service is accepted by NB Power as one Customer for billing purposes if the buildings:

  • are owned by the Applicant;
  • are used for a related purpose.


The meter may be installed at either a primary or secondary voltage level. The Customer must supply, install, own and maintain all primary and/or secondary facilities beyond the Delivery Point.

All Customer facilities beyond the delivery point must be included in the Customer’s wiring permit issued by
NB Department of Public Safety prior to connection by NB Power.

Specific applications of a maypole or primary voltage supply are specified in the following sections.

Secondary Voltage Supply/Maypole Service 

The Delivery point is generally at a maypole on the Customer's property at a secondary voltage. The maypole, conductors from NB Power Facilities to the maypole, the anchor and Metering Equipment are NB Power Facilities. NB Power makes all connections at the maypole.

The Customer will make connection(s) to buildings, leaving a sufficient length of wire at the maypole to allow connection to NB Power Facilities. Customer Facilities include the service loops, attachment hardware on the load side of the Delivery Point, the conduit and meter socket, and all equipment on the maypole except Metering  Equipment.

If the maypole subsequently has to be replaced, NB Power must first disconnect the facilities. The customer is responsible for the maintenance and transfer costs of the pole mounted service entrance equipment.

Primary Voltage Supply

A primary voltage supply may be run by NB Power to a pole or structure on the Customer's property. The
Delivery Point is the load side of the primary metering unit. Connections at the Delivery Point will be made
by NB Power. 

Primary conductors and equipment up to the Delivery Point including the Metering Equipment are NB Power Facilities. All facilities beyond the Delivery Point are Customer Facilities.

Overhead Service Loop or Underground Service Loop

NB Power designates the point on its facilities where the Overhead Service Loop or Underground Service Loop originates.