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Reading an Unmetered Account Bill


Unmetered Account Billing

Below is a breakdown of a typical NB Power unmetered electricity bill. 

Unmetered Account Billing

Unmetered Account Billing 2



Customer identity - Your name and property address appear at the top of the bill as well as the name of a joint customer, where applicable.


Summary of charges - Your monthly account information includes your previous balance and payments received, a summary of charges for the current billing period, the current balance and late payment date.

New information - Your bill will indicate the applicable service charges for:
  • facilities owned by NB Power such as street lights, dusk-to-dawn and poles
  • facilities owned by the customer such as decorative lights or street lights
  • other unmetered services such as fire sirens, beacon lights, crosswalks or traffic light controllers
  • if your billing information contains fewer than four items, all of your current charges will appear in this space

Your electricity bill - Your account number, billing date, bill number and rate category are shown here.


How to contact us - Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. For faster service, please have your account number and bill number available.


Payment return slip - This slip identifies your name, postal address, account number, amount due and late payment date. Payment options are identified on the reverse side of your bill.


Detailed breakdown of charges - If your billing information exceeds the space available, a detailed description of your account will appear on subsequent pages.


About your unmetered account - This section explains how your unmetered account charges are calculated and provides a listing of common abbreviations used on your bill.