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G. Services Available to Customers


Table of Contents

G-1 Water Heater Rental


G-2 Equalized Payment Plan


G-3 Customer Load Control Equipment


G-4 Street and Area Lighting


G-5 Provision of Service to Unmetered Customers


G-6 Work on Customer Facilities


G-1 Water Heater Rental


NB Power rents electric water heaters to residential, General Service and industrial Customers.
Electric water heaters are not rented for any of the following:

  • a tenant of an Apartment Building;
  • use as storage tanks connected to furnaces or
  • use as electric boilers for heating systems.


NB Power bills water heater rentals on a Customer's monthly electric bill. Seasonal Customers are billed for their rental water heaters, even when their electric service is disconnected for a part of the year. 

Customer’s account must be in good standing before entering into a new water heater rental agreement.

Installation and Removal

Customers are responsible for the initial installation of the water heater in new construction, while NB Power will provide initial installation in existing construction. The installation should be such that the heater and its elements are accessible for repair or removal. Installation must be made by person(s) qualified under the regulations of New Brunswick Safety Code Services. Customers are required to notify NB Power when the water heater is no longer required. Customers are responsible for disconnecting the unit from the plumbing and electrical systems and for draining the tank. NB Power will remove the heater.


NB Power is responsible for replacement of elements, thermostats, temperature and pressure-relief valves, anodes, down pipe and the adjustment of thermostat settings. NB Power replaces heaters that cannot be effectively repaired.

Terms and Conditions

Detailed terms and conditions of NB Power's obligations and responsibilities and the Customer's obligations and responsibilities under the Electric Water Heater Service Program accompany all new water heaters.


G-2 Equalized Payment Plan


An Equalized Payment Plan is available to:

  • residential Customers;
  • Special Care Establishments;
  • General Service and industrial Customers operating 12 months per year with less than 100 kW of maximum monthly metered demand or, if they have no demand meter, less than 25,000 kWh monthly energy use.

Items Equalized

Equalized Payment Plan payment amounts include:

  • monthly service charges;
  • energy charges;
  • demand charges, as applicable;
  • rental charges for water heaters, area lights, and poles as applicable.

Items Not Equalized

Monthly bills are issued based on equalized payment amounts. Late payment charges, service call fees, and connection charges are not included in equalized payment amounts, but are added to the bill for the month in which these charges are applicable.

Payment Amount

The Equalized Payment Plan amount is calculated by multiplying the average monthly use in the preceding year by the applicable rate when the payment amount is established. If a full year of history is not available, or if the Customer has added load in the previous year, NB Power estimates use and establishes payment amounts.


Accounts on an Equalized Payment Plan are reviewed every six months for residential Customers and every three months for General Service and small industrial Customers. As a result of the review, Customers are advised by letter or email if actual charges are expected to exceed their equalized amount by 10% or more. NB Power will, if necessary, adjust the Equalized Payment Plan amounts in consultation with the Customer.

Start and Settlement Month

Customers may request to start a 12-month Equalized Payment Plan at any time during the year.  At the end of the plan, on the 12th month (the settlement month) the customer must pay the monthly equalized amount plus any difference between the equalized amount and the actual total charges.  If there is a credit at the end of the plan, it is applied to the account.

Subsequent Arrangements

Following settlement, the Equalized Payment Plan amount is revised to reflect the most recent yearly requirements and recent or expected additions to Customer load and changes in NB Power rates.

Removal From Equalized Payment Plan

Customers with an unsatisfactory payment history may be removed from the Equalized Payment Plan.

Landlord Service Plan

The plan allows for an automatic transfer of service to a landlord when a rental unit becomes vacant. Landlords who apply and are accepted for this plan do not pay the normal reconnection fee. Landlords are billed for the electricity usage and the monthly service charge until a new tenant requests electric service.


G-3 Customer Load Control Equipment

Load control equipment, when installed, will be on the Customer's side of the Metering Equipment.
If a Customer requires use of NB Power's Metering Equipment as input to the load control equipment, all
of the following conditions must be met:

  • Installation of this equipment must be under the direction of NB Power's Metering Specialist.
  • Metering accuracy must be maintained. 
  • Customers must sign a Form 696, Customer Load Control Agreement prior to the installation.
  • Customer load control equipment connections to NB Power Facilities are installed, sealed, maintained and removed by NB Power at the Customer's expense.
  • The Customer accepts full responsibility for any failure of the load control equipment and any additional billing charges that may result from such failure.


G-4 Street and Area Lighting

Street Lighting

Rental Facilities for street lighting include the luminaire, required brackets and mounting hardware. 

Street lights are served overhead on existing poles. The Customer can request NB Power to supply a pole as part of the Rental Facilities. 

All charges for facilities other than Rental Facilities will be borne by the Customer. 

For each luminaire, NB Power provides one span of duplex wire and necessary transformation from voltages of 25kV or less. 

Street lighting is only to be placed where accessible by NB Power on-road maintenance vehicles. 

Poles for mounting NB Power luminaires must be NB Power/Bell Aliant installations.

Area Lighting

Rental Facilities for area lighting include the luminaire, required brackets and mounting hardware.

Area lights are served overhead on existing poles. The Customer can request NB Power to supply a pole as part of the Rental Facilities.

All charges for facilities other than Rental Facilities will be borne by the Customer.

For each luminaire, NB Power provides one span of duplex wire and necessary transformation from
voltages of 25kV or less. 

Area lights are not rented to tenants of an Apartment Building.

If a Customer requests that an area light be placed on a main line pole, the light must be located so that the light is directed away from the street.

Underground Supply

Poles for mounting NB Power luminaires must be NB Power/Bell Aliant installations.

Customer Facilities for underground supply to street and area lighting include the secondary facilities from the luminaire to the nearest NB Power occupied pole, junction box or pad-mounted transformer.

Customers will supply, install, own, and maintain their underground supply. A sufficient length of wire must be provided at the base of NB Power's supply device (e.g., padmounted transformer, pole) to allow connection to NB Power Facilities.

The Customer will provide the necessary rights-of-way and easements and perform the civil work. NB Power will make the connection and provide protection to the cable on the pole.

Customers requesting underground supply to street and area lighting will pay all applicable charges. Customers requesting replacement of existing overhead supply to street and area lighting with underground supply will be responsible for all charges. 

Other Applications

This street and area lighting policy applies to unmetered ferry landing lights and bridge lighting if the luminaires are NB Power Rental Facilities.


G-5 Provision of Service to Unmetered Customers

Outdoor Christmas Lighting

NB Power installs outdoor Christmas lighting for incorporated cities, towns, and villages when no licensed electrical contractor is available to perform the work. The Customer is charged for this work.

If connections or disconnections to NB Power Facilities are required, the Customer will be charged the actual costs for this service. No connection fee is charged. The minimum energy charge is for one week as specified in Section N - Rate Schedules and Rate Application Guidelines, Miscellaneous Rate Schedules.

Customers must supply Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved equipment, deliver it ready to install to the site where the installation is to occur, and maintain it after the installation.

Miscellaneous Services

Applicants will pay all charges for extending service to unmetered and miscellaneous services. Refer to the Unmetered Rate Application Guidelines and the Miscellaneous Rate Schedules in Section N for examples of these services.

With NB Power's approval, the Applicant may choose metered service at the General Service Rate. Applicants will pay all charges for extending NB Power's facilities to these services and are responsible for maintenance and transfer costs of the service entrance equipment.


G-6 Work on Customer Facilities

The Customer may request NB Power to construct, relocate, maintain, or remove Customer Facilities. NB Power will act as a contractor when no licensed electrical contractor is available to perform the work. The Customer is charged for this work.