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Business Energy Usage Alerts

Did you receive an Energy Usage Alert?

From a locally owned coffee shop to a large manufacturing facility, New Brunswick businesses like yours are unique – and so are your energy needs.

Since the ways that businesses use electricity are so diverse, there are many different opportunities to reduce and manage your energy use. Get started with these questions and be sure to check out our helpful information about demand and energy.

Have there been recent changes in your organization that could impact energy use?

Examples may include:

  • Hours of operation or shift changes
  • Operational and maintenance staff changes
  • Refrigeration demand increase or malfunction
  • HVAC system efficiency (age, settings, maintenance, cleaning, etc.)

Have temperatures been more extreme than usual?

During cold winter months it takes more energy to heat your business, and in the summer, the hot weather can cause your air conditioner to work longer.




Still wondering why you received a usage alert?

Fill out this form and one of our Customer Care Advisors will contact you to discuss your energy consumption.


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