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Contractor Resources

Safety Creed

No work is of such urgency or importance to justify not taking the necessary steps and time to ensure the safety of every member of the working force and the public.

Health & Safety Standards

NB Power’s Health & Safety Standards provide the framework of accountability and expectation within our Health and Safety Management System for the protection personnel, community, and our assets.


Forms supporting NB Power’s Health & Safety Management system.

Well Sheets

WELL (What Excellence Looks Like) sheets have been developed by NB Power to assist our personnel and contractors with the identification of ‘excellence’ in preparation for, and during the execution of critical risk work activities common to NB Power facilities, work locations, and our project sites.

  • 1000 Confined Space
  • 1001 Crane Supported Work Platforms
  • 1002 Crane Safety
  • 1003 Rigging Safety
  • 1004 Crane Personnel Lifting
  • 1007 Fall Protection
  • 1008 First Line Break
  • 1009 Hazardous Energy Control
  • 1013 Steel Erection
  • 1014 Temporary Electric Power
  • 1015 Working near Overhead Power lines
  • 1030 Electrical Work
  • 1031 Excavation, Trenching and Shoring
  • 1032 Human - Machine Interface
  • 1033 Scaffolds and Ladders
  • 1034 Contractor Safety Management
  • 1035 Vegetation Crew
  • 1036 Industrial Lift Truck
  • 1037 Flammables Combustibles
  • 1038 Ladders
  • 1039 WELL Sheet Storm Response