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As a result of the new Electricity Act introduced in 2013, NB Power will improve openness, transparency and accountability to our customers as all NB Power operations will be subject to regulatory oversight and review.

Each year, NB Power will file with the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) a strategic, financial and capital investment plan that will cover the next 10-year period. NB Power will also file an integrated resource plan that outlines projected supply options for the next 25 years. The EUB will use all of this information as a foundation when reviewing future rate changes and capital projects above $50 million.

The changes resulting from the new Act also integrates the New Brunswick System Operator with NB Power. While NB Power is the entity responsible for reliable operations of the integrated utility, the approval and enforcement of reliability standards for the transmission grid has been transferred to the EUB.

Information on NB Power's various regulated activities can be found in this section, including applications and other submissions to the EUB, and reports to national regulatory bodies.

Canadian Energy Regulator

Order MO-040-2019 – Authorizations Order

Order MO-041-2019 – Obligations Order


NB Power Rates and Policies

Electricity Act

New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) Registration for the Nepisiguit Falls Generating Station Modification and Rehabilitation Project

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Registration - Closure and Decommissioning of the Dalhousie Thermal Generating Station Project

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Registration - Milltown Generating Station Decommissioning Project