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Event Reports

Tracking and trending the events that occur in our plant to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is just one way NB Power Nuclear identifies trends requiring corrective or preventative action.

NB Power Nuclear invests significant time and resource into our Corrective Action Program to ensure all observations by our staff, not only those that require reporting to the regulator, are captured, investigated and tracked for remediation.

The events reported to our regulator, as outlined in these documents, represent activities related to a fraction of the many thousands of tasks undertaken successfully in our stations by employees every year in our commitment to generating safe, clean electricity. Each one of these reports is thoroughly reviewed with the appropriate NB Power Nuclear staff and with the regulator to ensure they are addressed.

For more information on the event reports listed, event reports from prior years or other reports on NB Power Nuclear's operations, contact Kathleen Duguay at 506-659-6433 or

Below is a list of our Event Reports