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How power is restored


When the power goes out, we get to work right away to restore your power as quickly and safely as possible.

In major storms crews must wait until the weather clears before assessing the damage, and this means it can take some time to provide accurate estimates of when power might be restored. During these storms, the cause of the power outage may be difficult to locate or access or there may be several problems so the repairs may take longer.

How priorities are set for power restoration

  1. Check the system and repair damage to power plants, transmission lines and substations
  2. Restore power to critical services such as hospitals, police, fire, water and communication systems.
  3. Make repairs that will return service to the largest amount of customers in the least amount of time, such as high-density housing and large neighbourhoods.
  4. Restore power to smaller neighbourhoods and individual customers.

Watch our video to see our process for restoring power.