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Damage Claims

Learn What To Do If You Have Suffered Damage To Your Property.

NB Power is committed to providing our customers with safe and reliable power.  We invest millions of dollars each year to improve and maintain our province’s electrical grid. Despite our best efforts, NB Power cannot guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity, and there are times when power outages or voltage fluctuation may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

If damages to your property are caused by weather-related outages or other causes beyond our control, NB Power is not responsible and you will not be eligible for compensation.

If damages to your personal effects were caused by NB Power negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. In these cases, you will have to complete our Damage Claim Submission Form.  You can find more information on the damage claim process in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section.


For damages related to water heaters please call our toll-free number at 1 800-663-6272.

Guarding against voltage disturbances

While NB Power operates and maintains the power system to exacting standards, voltage variations cannot always be avoided.  NB Power does not provide secondary protection for your electronic devices in such situations so protecting them is your responsibility. You should speak with an electrical contractor about installing secondary protection on your electrical panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for repairs to a damaged meter mast, meter base and service duct?
What causes are typically not eligible for compensation from NB Power?
How do I make a claim?
How long can a claim take?
What if my items need to be repaired or replaced immediately?
What should I do with my damaged items?
How does NB Power calculate the reimbursement amount for eligible damage claims?
Should I contact my insurance company?

Still have questions?

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