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Transmission & System Operator

The Transmission & System Operator division owns and operates the transmission system used to carry electricity from generating stations and other supply sources over long distances to the consumer distribution network, large industrial customers, and export markets.

The Transmission portion of this division is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of transmission facilities throughout the province. Transmission facilities consist of high voltage transmission lines, circuit breakers, disconnects and transformers. Of equal importance are the design, construction and maintenance of supporting systems to automatically protect facilities from faults caused by such things as tree contact and lightning strikes. Systems and data communication networks to support the gathering of data for operational needs and engineering analysis are also crucial.

The System Operator portion of this division is responsible for directing the operation of the transmission facilities and connected generation/load that make up the province wide power system. The System Operator also coordinates and operates interconnections with Québec, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and New England. Of primary importance is ensuring that the power system is operated in a reliable manner and is able to quickly recover from unforeseen events that cause the loss of a transmission facility, generator or load.

The System Operator also enables the utilization of the transmission system according to the Electricity Business Rules and the Open Access Transmission Tariff. This is done by offering a number of transmission services to Transmission Users through a set of secure web-based tools. These tools and related information are available on the System Operator web site at

The Transmission & System Operator division is committed to being a safety leader. We foster safe work and public environments through work planning safety conferences, leadership field visits, joint health and safety committees and other programs.

The division is also committed to operating and maintaining a reliable transmission system by adhering to industry wide reliability standards.

New Brunswick Land Area: 73,440 sq. km
Interconnections (15): Québec , Nova Scotia , P.E.I., New England
Transmission Lines: 6,849 km
Industrial Substations: 48
Microwave/Mobile Radio Towers: 40
Terminal/Plant Switchyards & Switching Stations: 49
Transformers: 126