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SureConnect Service

In New Brunswick, unexpected power outages can happen for many reasons. Owning a portable generator means you have already taken a step to being better prepared. Adding the SureConnect Service takes that step even further to having the comfort of your devices and appliances easily available to you.

Microwave working with SureConnect

The SureConnect Service connects the GenerLinkᵀᴹ device with your generator to make backup power more convenient, flexible and safe so you can continue to use many of your appliances and devices during an outage.

messy extension cords

No more messy extension cords! Many people still connect their portable generator to specific electrical devices, using extension cords. This is a messy, inconvenient and potentially unsafe solution.

Getting connected during an outage is fast, safe and easy.

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SureConnect diagram

How it works

SureConnect uses your existing generator to power the appliances in your home up to a capacity of 7200 watts. You get to choose the circuits you want powered. This allows for more flexibility to supply electricity to the things you actually need. Learn more about the power requirements for your typical household appliances.

  • 1. A SureConnect Service technician installs a GenerLinkᵀᴹ device on your home’s existing power meter. This provides a connection between your home’s electrical panel and portable generator. This allows you to use many of your devices and appliances easily during an outage. 
  • 2.  Connect your portable generator to the GenerLinkᵀᴹ device on your power meter using the provided 40ft GenerLokᵀᴹ* cord. 
  • 3.  Turn on your portable generator in the same way you normally would, making sure to observe the 3-metre safe operating distance between your generator and your house. 
  • 4. Switch on the breakers you want to use in your electrical panel – and that’s it. 

Peace of mind

Take comfort knowing the SureConnect Service covers you with free installation, replacement parts and ongoing customer support.

* GenerLokᵀᴹ is a power cord specifically designed for connecting the GenerLinkᵀᴹ device to a portable generator. This 40ft cord is longer than most household power cords; giving you flexibility in choosing your generator location outside your home.

Low monthly fee vs high up-front cost

SureConnect 3rd Party Products
MONTHLY FEE $25.99/month  
SureConnect vs 3rd Party Products
FREE   $200-300
FREE   $1200-1500


With NB Power’s SureConnect Service, you can have peace of mind knowing that the GenerLinkᵀᴹ device will be professionally installed safely and securely.

The same great service and support you’ve come to know
from NB Power.


Outages can be stressful - but they don’t need to be.

Photo of grandparents and children watching television during a power outage

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