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Save energy with efficient holiday decorations

December 3 2020, 10:58 AM

Save energy with efficient holiday decorations

Lots of New Brunswickers are already getting their homes ready for the holidays - and we can’t blame you – it’s been a challenging year. As we head into the holiday season, here are some helpful ways to become more energy efficient and save money this year.

If you’re still using older traditional lights, consider making the switch to LEDs. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) transform most of the energy that they consume into visible light rather than heat.

This means holiday LEDs use about 85-90% less electricity than traditional bulbs. They also last up to 50x longer – so you won’t be replacing them as often. Holiday LEDs will also save you money!

How much? It depends on the amounts of lights you use and what type you were using before.

Check out this cost comparison*:

Traditional Incandescent
$43.66 per month


$1.24 per month


That’s 97% less in energy costs!


*Comparison based on 6 strings of lights operating for 6 hours/day for 31 days

Timers are another great way to manage your décor’s energy use. Set a weatherproof timer to have your holiday lights turn on at dusk and turn off at bedtime.

You can also find solar options for driveway stakes, floodlights and other decorations – which means they won’t add to your power bill and you don’t need to worry about running extension cords!

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