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Monthly Hot Water Charges

Did you know water heating with NB Power can be an inexpensive way to enjoy hot water in your home?

Heating a full 184 litre (40g) tank costs $1.46 and $2.19 for a 279 litre (60g) tank. That means that for every 10 litres of hot water you use will only cost you 8 cents.

Here’s a breakdown of how hot water is used in an average month.

Usage Approximate hot water usage   Monthly cost*
Shower 8 minutes using 2.5g flow rate** 45 litres $10.71 / person
Dishwasher 1 load 23 litres $5.47
Hot Water Leaks 1 drip/second can use over 20 litres a day *** 20 litres $4.76


To help lower these costs, we recommend using water-efficient showerheads, taking showers instead of baths and repairing any leaks right away.

Discover more ways to help you save on your water heating here.


* calculations based on energy charge of 12.15¢ per kilowatt hour 

**shower using 60% hot water draw.

***assuming 1 litre = 4000 drips