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Our commitment to New Brunswickers

We’re committed to serving our communities. As the COVID-19 situation in New Brunswick evolves, we’ll continue to adjust and expand our services accordingly, while respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  
Find out how we’re supporting our customers, and see which services remain suspended.


Our commitment to New Brunswickers

New Brunswickers can once again benefit from our residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs. Our community outreach program remains on hold. We’ll continue to do our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 by respecting physical distancing and safety protocols.  

Smart Grid

Building Tomorrow’s Grid to Power your Life

The future of energy is changing

Customer expectations, climate change and new technology are causing significant changes to the future of energy. To keep pace, we are changing too.

Today, we are building the power grid we need tomorrow - a modern digital energy network that will:

  • give you more options for saving money, time and electricity
  • communicate with us so we can respond to outages more quickly
  • connect easily with customer-owned renewable energy sources

A modern grid is smarter, cleaner, more resilient and efficient so you will have more choices and opportunities in the future for how you use energy to power your life.

A smarter grid will benefit you and New Brunswick

Save time, money and electricity

In today’s digital world you want secure and easy access to your energy data, and the ability to share it with companies that can help you get the most out of your energy dollars.

A smarter grid means you will have access to detailed energy information, technologies and programs to help you save time, money and electricity.

More options to power your life

To power your life, you may want to do more than use electricity. You may want to produce it and save it for later, like during a power outage. Or maybe you want it to play a different role in your life, not only at home but on the road.

Solar panels, electric vehicles and energy storage technologies can change our relationship with energy for the better and lower our carbon footprint too!

A greener future

Harnessing the full potential of renewable energy sources like wind and solar will lower our carbon emissions. And we won’t have to spend money on building more large power plants!

Building a smarter grid means building a greener future for New Brunswick.


Smart meters are one step on the journey to a smarter grid

Smart meters lay the foundation so you can access the many future opportunities of a smarter grid. Things like - adding renewable energy solutions to your home and business, and the ability to take advantage of lower electricity rates at certain times of day.

Read more about the benefits of smart meters.