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COVID-19 Information: New Brunswickers can continue to benefit from our residential and business energy efficiency programs. The Community Outreach Program remains on hold to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our employees and contractors follow pandemic operational plans aligned with Public Health to keep everyone safe.

Prior to an employee or contractor going inside your home or business, health screening will take place. Results of screening will determine if the appointment will proceed and the type of protective equipment to be used. We appreciate our customers’ patience and flexibility as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19 together.

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I. Extension of Facilities - Underground

Rate Schedules and Policies Manual

I. Extension of Facilities - Underground


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Underground extensions to NB Power's existing facilities are considered optional.

This policy covers optional facilities for metered Customers for underground extensions. Front lot overhead and other optional facilities are covered in Section H - Extension of Facilities - Overhead and in Section J - Optional Facilities.


Underground Service Loops are Customer Facilities.


NB Power makes underground extensions of its facilities to serve Applicants/Customers provided the following terms and conditions are met:

  • The location to be served must be within a territory where NB Power provides service.
  • The Applicant/Customer and the anticipated usage meet the requirements of all applicable portions of these policies.
  • The location to be served must be accessible by on-road vehicles.
  • Rights-of-Way on Public Roads as Designated by the New Brunswick Department of Transportation:

    Will be obtained and cleared at no cost to the Applicant/Customer. The Applicant/Customer is not responsible for maintenance.

  • All other Rights-of-Way:

    The Applicant/Customer is responsible for supplying and clearing as well as any costs incurred by NB Power in acquiring easements. If tree and brush clearing is performed by NB Power, the Customer is charged. These charges are non refundable. The Customer is not responsible for maintenance.

  • NB Power requires an agreement relating to contributions in compliance with these policies.
  • All facilities will be constructed in accordance with NB Power's Standard Construction Practices manual, applicable CSA Standards and municipal bylaws and regulations, and will be owned, operated and maintained by NB Power.

Conditions for

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