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COVID-19 Information: New Brunswickers can continue to benefit from our residential and business energy efficiency programs. The Community Outreach Program remains on hold to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our employees and contractors follow pandemic operational plans aligned with Public Health to keep everyone safe.

Prior to an employee or contractor going inside your home or business, health screening will take place. Results of screening will determine if the appointment will proceed and the type of protective equipment to be used. We appreciate our customers’ patience and flexibility as we navigate the impacts of COVID-19 together.

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F. Billing and Payments

Rate Schedules and Policies Manual

F. Billing and Payments


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NB Power does not permit the initiation of a multiple metered Account that sums two or more Metering Points. For all new Customers, each Metering Point is a separate Account. If an existing multiple metered Premises requires a new service, reconnection or upgrade for any reason (including a change in ownership), each meter will be billed as a separate Customer Account.

When new buildings are constructed for services which combine a business operation and a Dwelling, owners must provide for the installation of separate meters. When major alterations are made to buildings or the wiring of buildings already containing combined service, owners must provide for the installation of separate meters.

Metering Procedures

If, in the opinion of NB Power, metering is not practical and usage of electricity is uniform and can be easily estimated, customers may be provided unmetered service. In such cases, no metering device is employed to record either the Demand or Energy.

Unmetered Service

Every bill for metered service will show the last date the meter was read, the number of days in the Billing Period, the number of kilowatt hours (and the demand, if any), and will identify the appropriate Rate Category.

NB Power will assist Customers in checking the amounts indicated on their bills when requested to do so.

The Bill

If there are changes in NB Power's rate schedules, bills will be prorated over the number of days remaining in the Billing Period during which the change is effective. In succeeding Billing Periods, these changes will be effective for the entire Billing Period.

Prorating of Bills

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